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UrFear: Huhu and The Multitude of Peer Gynts on KXCHANGE.ORG Festival
“UrFear: Huhu and the Multitude of Peer Gynts” was a network of performances on an interactive website in 2020, as part of the journey of The Multitude of Peer Gynts, an inter-Asia theater collaboration project. In the KXCHANGE Festival, we present 5 of 11 video archives of the performances.

This is the world of Peer Gynt as seen from Huhu’s viewpoints, the world of the multitude. In Ibsen’s storyline, Huhu is less than a minor character, appearing as a glimpse of the restlessly exotic and cacophonic other.
By the time Peer Gynt became Huhu’s peer in a mental asylum, somewhere in Cairo, he had been everything –a frontier capitalist, a prophet, arguably an exotic belly-dancer, and undoubtedly a historian.
Huhu had been no one when he met Peer Gynt, devoid of his own tongue and language. In this storyline(s), Huhu is everyone.
Scouring the world of the 21st century from all corners of the world, Huhu is Peer Gynt as he is dining with his fellow capitalists, as he becomes a messiah, or as he is trying to go home. Huhu is Solveig as she perpetually waits.
Huhu could also be anyone who is stuck in a lockdown; traveling in her mind when her body is a cage.

Why is “UrFear: Huhu and the Multitude of Peer Gynts”
The title and form grew out from the main reasoning for this inter-Asian collaborative project: the increasing sense of fear and anxiety produced by the flow of mobility in our today’s world. By fear, we refer to the notion of fear of the other as the departing point of this work, fear that is (perhaps) primordial, a UrFear. In a time when global exchanges are becoming less and less inevitable, this fear is becoming increasingly irrepressible.
Working with a variety of artists from various places in a time when the pandemic is crossing through national borders and forces us to stay still/immobile, we have decided to create this work as a point of intersection of the varied multitude: a plural sense of realities and subjects, plural forms of Huhu and Peer Gynt expressed through a variety of individual works in a modular approach.
In this way, we hope to find a way to recognize and look back in the eyes of UrFear, the primal fear.
Multitude of Peer Gynts is an inter-Asian theater collaboration project (Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam) initiated by Yudi Ahmad Tajudin (director) and Ugoran Prasad (dramaturg) from Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute. From 2018-2020, the work have been developed and staged in Indonesia and Japan. In 2021, we were transit in Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Multitude of Peer Gynts is one of the winners of the Ibsen Scholarship 2019.


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