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Sipat Lawin (Gobyerno)

Sipat Lawin Incorporated (SLI) is an edge-work contemporary independent performance company in Manila composed of theater-makers formally trained in the vocabulary of Drama/Theater. Sustaining an alternative art practice and laboratory in Manila, the Ensemble devises relevant new works and develops contemporary performance communities through workshops, residencies, and exchanges. Changing the landscape of theater and performance in the Philippines, the collective aims to continuously develop contemporary performance community experiences shared among artists and audiences; creating new forms of inter-action, social engagement, and modes of production.

Stripping theater down to bare essentials of Actor, Action and Audience, the Ensemble started independently producing works in alternative performance spaces in 2009. Since then, Sipat Lawin has produced a series of ensemble-devised anywhere-and-everywhere community performance collaborations.

SLI Gobyerno Team: JK Anicoche x David Finnegan x Ness Roque x Alon Segarra x Ralph Lumbres x Claudia Enriquez


Collective Dramaturgy, Negotiation, and Performing the Third Space (Elliott Hayes Award for Outstanding Dramaturgy 2018)
Online Migration and Ground Connection: Collective Survival for Artists in the Time of COVID-19
Video Archive