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石神 夏希 ISHIGAMI Natsuki is a playwright whose activities have centered on the theatrical troupe Pepin Structural Designs. In recent years she has resided in other cities inside and outside Japan, and created site-specific theater and art projects exploring how cities and communities could perform in alternative ways. She has also been involved in various projects of research and planning on urban design and community development. She also served as project director in the performing arts division for The Culture City of East Asia 2019 Toshima, and guest curator of the Artist Lab for ADAM (Asia Discovers Asia Meeting) 2019.

劇作家。1999年よりペピン結構設計を中心に活動。国内外で都市やコミュニティのオルタナティブなふるまいを上演する演劇やアートプロジェクトを手がける。また『Sensuous City [官能都市]』(LIFULL HOME’S総研)はじめ都市に関する調査研究、NPO法人「場所と物語」代表、遊休不動産を活用したクリエイティブ拠点「The CAVE」の立ち上げなど様々なプロジェクトに携わる。「東アジア文化都市2019豊島」舞台芸術部門事業ディレクターおよび『Oeshiki Project ツアーパフォーマンス《BEAT》』作演出、2019台北芸術祭ADAM Artist Labゲストキュレーター他。

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