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Keiko Yamaguchi (Actor)  

Born in Osaka, based in Kyoto.  Yamaguchi has studied performing arts at the Rose Bruford College in UK. After coming back to Japan, she performed in pieces directed by Yukichi Matsumoto, Marebito Theatre Company, Shitatame, and so on. She’s been involved in international collaboration projects by ricca ricca*festa in Okiawa over ten years. Under the name of BRDG since 2011, she creates performances and conducts interviews and field work as a means of research. 

From 2017 to 2020, BRDG conducted an international collaboration between Kyoto and Manila with Ian Segarra, an artist teacher from Philippine Educational Theater Association, working with young people in both cities. The performance “Fureru-Haplos” was performed in Kyoto and Tokyo. She is interested in migration of people and things happen around it. Now broadcasting community radio from a community cafe in Kyoto.


大阪生まれ、京都在住。英国 the Rose Bruford Collegeで舞台芸術を学ぶ。帰国後、松本雄吉演出作品、マレビトの会、したためなどの公演に出演。りっかりっか*フェスタ(沖縄)では俳優、演出助手として国際共同制作に多数参加。2011年に演劇グループBRDGを立ち上げ、インタビューやフィールドワークを元に創作活動を始める。2017から2020年にかけて、日本・フィリピンの青少年とフィリピンの劇団PETAの俳優、演出家であるイアン・セガッラと共同制作を行ない、『ふれる〜ハプロス』を京都と東京で発表。移動する人々の人間模様に興味を持つ。京都市内のコミュニティカフェほっこりで「ほっこりラジオ」も放送中。

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