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Bunny Cadag

Bunny Cadag is a vocalist as well as a theater and performance researcer-maker engaging in the discussions about gender performativity in Asia and the Philippines. She was a fellow of a body-related multidisciplinary transcultural exchange “Monsoon” in Antwerp, Belgium (2017), and Sipat Lawin Inc.’s Lagablab : Karnabal X Artist Residency (2017). She is a participating artist in the Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama (TPAM2019) in Japan and Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance in Taipei in (ADAM 2019, 2020). She has been collaborating-performing with Eisa Jocson’s The “Filipino Superwoman Band” and “Manila Zoo”. Her most recent research-project involves creating genderless and faceless dolls called “Vera Maningning : Munimuni”. 

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