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Published December 16, 2020

Full English Transcription by Kirby Vicente
Based on the live translation of FUKUOKA Lisa
Interviewer: JK Anicoche

Hello I’m Chikara Fujiwara, today it’s Saturday November 8, 2020. I’m in Yokohama Japan. 

Question: History. Where do you come from?

Well it’s quite a hard question because I’m already 40 years old so I relatively have a long history. So I had an opportunity to join the Karnabal Festival since 2015, and just a year before in 2014 I started on my activities as an artist. I was still a newbie as an artist when I first joined Karnabal. So before that since around 2010, I have been working as a critic of performing arts. Even before that, I was working as an editor in a publishing company, so I edited magazines and books. Further back even before I became an editor, I used to do civil jobs such as working in a bookstore or working at a social welfare agency for people who are mentally-challenged, and I also worked at a company, although I wasn’t a regular, I was working at a company for a few years. 

So as I have just said, when I was young I have been doing various kinds of jobs. And come to think of it now, each experience is making a way into the kind of art that I’m doing right now. At that time, I used to visit several cities or provinces. Although I didn’t have special knowledge as an architect so I just had to walk around, as much as possible. I was walking around in those places, feeling the geography of that place or feeling the atmosphere, the local people or the history of the community. Those experiences are maybe shaped into one of my performance pieces called Engeki Quest. Another thing: I was working at a publishing agency so I am able to edit the books and magazines. That really helped me to prepare the special program brochure for Engeki Quest that we entitled the book of adventures. And also since the late 2000s, I had many opportunities to work with theatre people in Japan, as an editor and later as a critic. And through interactions with them, I really learned a lot. So that’s about it.

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