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ARTIST INTERVIEW: Antonette Go x Mayen Estanero
Published December 13, 2020

Translation: Kirby Vicente

Antonette: Good day to everyone! I’m Antonette Go, you can call me Toni with an I. Right now I’m in my house at  General Trias, Cavite. Now it’s November 17 and 4:44 pm. 

Mayen: I’m Mayen Estañero. I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia, I’ve been here since February 20. Right now it’s  7:52 PM. 3 hour time difference with the Philippines. 

Question: Where are you coming from? 


I’ll start before going into Manila Notes. I was a film student from De La Salle University Manila. That was my  background and I joined a theatre organization in De La Salle Manila which is Harlequin Theatre Guild. That was my  exposure to theatre. My exposure back then to theatre was backstage work. I’m doing Lights Executioner, Props  Making, and Stage Management and stuff. When I went to Tanghalang Pilipino in 2013. Like how I started, I was a  film student and I joined a theatre organization to make films that are character or actor based. That was my goal  then. So I said then that the best thing to know what an actor based film is to be an actor also and how to know the  processed. I kind of got lost in this process, not that far, but it lead me to this track of performing. When I got into Tanghalang Pilipino in 2013, I was still studying. They still took me in the Tanghalang Pilipino Actors Company on  my last term


For my history, I am an actor for 20 years. I started at 19 years old. But the desire to be an actor started when I was  13, 2nd year high school because I came from an All-Girls School in Parañaque. Since you’re in an All-Girls School,  and you have no choice but to take all the characters in the book. In our Filipino Class, we needed to present  Florante at Laura. No one wanted to take the role of Florante in our group. So no choice, I took the role so we can  have our grades. My teacher liked our performance and she invited me to join an oration competition and we won.  That’s when I realized where I had some sort of gift. I like the feeling of creating a character that’s not me and it felt  like home back then. I was moved in to tears because I found what I wanted to do. Because my desire to be an actor  was great, I got scared that when I was about to go to college I don’t know if I can pursue it because I can’t take the  thought of rejection so I took Literature. It’s still within the arts but it’s not acting. My problem back then was my  method of book analysis was different, it was character based. I felt that I didn’t belong there. When I was in 2nd  year, I saw an audition ad for Rent on a newspaper. So I tried auditioning, I think I was number 378 on the queue. I  didn’t mind waiting for 2 hours. When it’s our turn, 10 of us auditionees were lined up on the stage and we were  asked to sing. Suddenly there’s a, “Thank you!”, so it’s like that just humming. So I sang a song in the chorus part. 

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